Water Damage Photo Gallery

Acworth Home Saved in SERVPRO of Bartow County

This home owner was understandably distraught when she picked up the phone to call SERVPRO of Bartow County. By the time she hung up the phone she felt exponentially better because she had a plan of action and our trained professionals in route to her home.

Call SERVPRO of Bartow County day or night! Offering 24 hour water restoration services (770) 387-7455!

Cutting edge Equipment

House flooded? Live in the Cartersville, Allatoona, or Euharlee area?

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As a locally owned SERVPRO franchise and IICRC certified restoration company, SERVPRO of Bartow County utilizes the latest in both drying and moisture detection technology. This is an example of one of the tools our technicians use called a "Moisture Meter". This tool detects and quantifies the amount of moisture present in a given surface (drywall, wood, concrete, plaster, etc.).

Is it time to replace your carpet?

When a the composition of a piece of carpet breaks down, or the layers of the backing starts to separate, we refer to this as delamination. This is a good indicator that the affected area will need to be replaced. No amount of cleaning or drying can restore the carpet.

For a professional opinion call SERVPRO of Bartow County -(770) 387-7455-

Water Heater

This is one of the classic issues we see in the mitigation industry. When a water heater "goes" it can dump its entire contents onto the floor and in to the surrounding areas (upward of 80 gallons or more). 

Water heater burst? Call SERVPRO of Bartow County - (770) 387-7455

Corroded Pipe

Over time pipes can corrode due to exposer to moisture. This pipe corroded and eventual failed, leaving this home owner with an unexpected shower coming through the drop ceiling.

Better call SERVPRO of Bartow County - (770) 387-7455

Proper Drying Technique

Some time when an area has been saturated with moisture removal of the flooring itself is necessary. Exposing the sub-floor in this case was needed due to the amount of water in contact with the floor along with the duration of the water was left standing.

When mops and towels just won't due...Better call SERVPRO of Bartow County - (770) 387-7455

The Right Equipment for the Job!

SERVPRO of Bartow County uses the right equipment for the job. This is an example of the specialized moisture extractors we use on hardwood floors. Restoring water damaged hardwood flooring "Like it never even happened"!

No job too big for SERVPRO of Bartow County

This is a picture of one of the massive desiccate machines we use on commercial/large loss jobs. It is capable of drying entire homes/levels of large buildings in a matter of days. No job to large or small for SERVPRO of Bartow County.